Dating a man with diabetes dating in middle east

Recently I have read a number of interesting articles that have highlighted the awkward issue of dating someone new when you are a diabetic.

It comes with a series of stressful questions like; Should I check my blood sugar in front of them?

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Have just finished reading about a man with diabetes being classed by ATOS as fit for work.

It is not the fact that he has diabetes but also suffers from many complications and has mental health problems.

His family says the decision to pass him fit for work almost killed him – a diabetic who could no longer afford to eat. ck-2162711 Beyond belief that they passed him fit for works with so many complications and poor mental health, understandably they need to assess if people are fit to work or not when claiming benefits but the gp/nurse……or however assessed this gentleman needs to be assessed themselves to see if they are up to the job That day, all those years ago, when common sense died in this poor, wretched country, was a sad day for us all… 😕 Absolutely disgusting just like so many other ATOS reassessments for work, totally illogical.

They are being paid a fortune by our government and saving very little in benefits.

I seriously doubt that they are even breaking even in covering the cost of their services in recovered benefits.

And those in real need of help are being made to feel like fraudulent criminals and suffering untold stress in the process.

ATOS are lower than a snakes belly,in fact it seems that just having a pulse is enough for the sick people being deemed fit for work!

:thumbdown: hope to see the back of this rotten government!

ATOS's terms of reference are to find any possible reason, no matter how slim, to classify you as ' Fit to Work' Failure to turn up for your meeting with them will result in you being found ' Fit for Work', which results in such horror stories of their meeting rooms being located in places with out access for the disabled.

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