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Of course they’re still likely to be rather better off than many other folk affected by the current economic winter and it would be sensible if they remembered this.

A friend of mine sent me a blog to take a look at this morning; Dating a Banker Anonymous Now if this doesn’t signify that both men and women are on the same playing field, I don’t know what will.

While tastefully written, it leaves me to wonder if us men of the He-Man Women Haters club are just pawns in their scheme to get ahead?

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Ladies, if you are in NYC (and not in Middle America with your FBF’s) drop me a line at 2 Gold St.

Many gyms in London, including the one I go to, have saunas and/or steam rooms inside the men's changing rooms.

Men-only places like that, where guys are often naked, are bound to be areas gay men can be found. If you're in a such a sauna/steam room, there are many things to look for:* any guy who looks regularly looks around the room at the other guys and eyes up any guy who enters (however discretely), is likely to be cruising* as I've said in previous blogs, if two guys in the room catch each other's eye (because they're both looking around), they're both likely to be gay because straight guys avoid eye contact in that kind of situation* social conditioning tends to makes everyone (gay/straight/male/female) slightly shy when naked.

If a naked guy puts himself more display than seems natural then he's probably "displaying his wares" and hoping to attract guys who are interested in what's being displayed.

Examples of this would be having one's legs open too wide, or simply being naked and laying down face up* in gym saunas and steam rooms there is typically a mixture of gay and straight guys, so it can take a while to end up with a room where everyone wants action.

Guys who leave to cool down with a shower and then come back are likely to be waiting for action* a guy is probably gay if he comes in and sits in a position where he has a direct view of another guy, especially if the guy in view is naked.

Straight guys will tend to try and avoid staring at another guy's tackle.

The economic crisis came home to 27-year-old Megan Petrus early last year when her boyfriend of eight months, a derivatives trader for a major bank, proved to be more concerned about helping a laid-off colleague than comforting Ms. For Christine Cameron, the recession became real when the financial analyst she had been dating for about a year would get drunk and disappear while they were out together, then accuse her the next day of being the one who had absconded.

Dawn Spinner Davis, 26, a beauty writer, said the downward-trending graphs began to make sense when the man she married on Nov.

1, a 28-year-old private wealth manager, stopped playing golf, once his passion.

“One of his best friends told me that my job is now to keep him calm and keep him from dying at the age of 35,” Ms. “It’s not what I signed up for.” They shared their sad stories the other night at an informal gathering of Dating a Banker Anonymous, a support group founded in November to help women cope with the inevitable relationship fallout from, say, the collapse of Lehman Brothers or the Dow’s shedding 777 points in a single day, as it did on Sept. In addition to meeting once or twice weekly for brunch or drinks at a bar or restaurant, the group has a blog, billed as “free from the scrutiny of feminists,” that invites women to join “if your monthly Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life.” harshly, even if they are pretty easy targets.

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