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, which premiered this week at the Berlin Film festival. All they do is have sex, they eat and they shop.’ I just think that is an awful premise.” , he did so with the sound turned down.

I did actually say to her [Nixon], ‘Please don’t be offended but I do think it [Sex and the City] is a very pernicious programme.

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“I don’t want to rush into anything, so I think this time apart is good for us.” Insinuating that the decision was hers, she also noted, “And I think the space apart, I think he can appreciate it as well.” The separation won’t necessarily lead to divorce, Bailey said: “Whether or not we decide to stay married or not, that’s something that we have to decide soon.

But right now, I’m enjoying the time apart, taking time for myself.” The pair wed in 2010.

Tim Matheson and Cynthia Nixon have been cast as Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, respectively, in National Geographic Channel’s adaptation of Bill O’Reilly‘s “Killing Reagan.” The cable network will continue its successful partnership with Ridley Scott‘s Scott Free Productions to produce the next movie based on the brand new O’Reilly and Martin Dugard book, “Killing Reagan,” which was published Tuesday by Henry Holt and Company.

The network’s three most-watched programs ever were the O’Reilly adaptations “Killing Lincoln,” “Killing Kennedy” and “Killing Jesus.” “Killing Reagan” takes a different approach than its predecessors, as the 1981 assassination attempt on Reagan was unsuccessful.

The book and TV movie will go all the way back to the former president’s Hollywood days."Galavant" (ABC): ABC's quirky musical comedy is back for even more absurdity, with a meta first episode titled "A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear." (Premieres Sunday, Jan.

Other dignitaries at the event, which was held just two weeks after the horrific attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, included presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Madonna and Jennifer Lopez were two other celebrities who marked the event, putting messages of support on their Instagram pages, with the former saying: 'Support Gay Pride in NY and London. All over the World.' Lena Dunham also made a statement, saying: 'Like a lot of weirdo straight girls, the LGBTQ community raised me up right, showed me what radicalism could mean, that the personal could be political, that our true identities are all we have.'Today we remember those we lost to HIV/AIDS (I love you, Jimmy) and to crimes of hatred and negligence. And we celebrate a community that cannot and will not leave its siblings behind.

“Real Housewives” stars Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are taking a break from their tumultuous marriage.

“Peter and I are separated,” Bailey, 48, told Bravo’s The Daily Dish in an interview posted Tuesday.

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