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offers a “DIY” plan for reducing debt, and Fox Business suggests strategizing a payback plan and sticking to it.

lists other helpful “smart money moves” for consumers to get out from under debt.

Debt is simply the amount of money or property that one party owes to another party. The following are a few articles that describe the differences between the two. To begin with, many transactions only happen through the use of credit – whether revolving credit, secured and unsecured loans or other lines.

The parties can be individuals, corporations, municipalities or even governments. Using debt allows people to purchase items that would otherwise be out of reach.

Consumer debt (or outstanding consumer credit) is the amount owed by a consumer to a merchant or service provider. Problem debt, however, happens when payments can’t be made.

This debt includes everything from credit cards to mortgage loans. When individuals are laid-off, sick or otherwise financially unable to make payments, this debt adds up to unsustainable levels. One of the biggest challenges in life can be to get out of debt, especially since the economy is largely debt-based.

“Do it Yourself” Debt Reduction Strategies: Debt management companies are similar to debt relief companies, but they are not quite the same.

The most common type of debt management company is a credit counseling firm.

Credit counseling firms help people set budgets and often set up debt management plans.

Not all debt is bad; many financial experts define debt as either good or bad, depending on how it is used.

The easiest way to make this happen is to earn more money, receive an inheritance or win the lottery. Many people look for professional help to get them through their situation. This help can come from legal professional, credit counselors or debt relief providers and often include: While many strategies can be used, depending on the unique needs of the individual, the primary categories include debt reduction, debt management and debt consolidation.

Debt reduction services usually offer financial counseling and debt management assistance for consumers.

This includes assistance with budgeting, planning and saving.

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