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Missing: Richardson, Tx Date: 7-11-2016 Age: 25 Sex: Female Height: 5’ Weight: 105 Build: Thin Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Race: Hispanic Camelia Perez-Hernandez was last seen on the evening of 7/11/2016 in the Richardson, TX area and has had no communication with her family, friends or co-workers since that date, which is completely out of character for Camelia.If you have any information to provide that could assist in locating Camelia, PLEASE HELP! Even the smallest detail could be valuable in the search for Camelia.

Termini is also the main hub for public transport inside Rome.

Both current Rome Metro lines (A and B) intersect at Termini metro station, and a major bus station is located at Piazza Cinquecento, the square in front of the station.

The Imperial Fora consist of a series of monumental fora (public squares), constructed in Rome over a period of one and half centuries, between 46 BC and 113 AD.

The forums were the heart of the late Roman Republic and of the Roman Empire.

A reported current version of this legend is that it is lucky to throw three coins with one's right hand over one's left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain.

The money has been used to subsidize a supermarket for Rome's needy.

However, there are regular attempts to steal coins from the fountain.

The Colosseum, originally the Flavian Amphitheatre, is an elliptical amphitheatre in the center of the city of Rome, Italy, the largest ever built in the Roman Empire.

It is one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and Roman engineering.

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