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They would then steal the cards after an intimate encounter, Liew said.

Edmonton police believe there are upwards of 20 additional victims from whom they could have stolen tens of thousands of dollars more.

Police say the two accused targeted gay men over 55 years old in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver through mainstream dating sites. Once they met their date in person, pin numbers and bank cards were stolen to withdraw large sums of cash.

Four men in Edmonton were defrauded of about $42,000 while four men in Calgary lost about $20,000.

"Most of (the victims) are fairly upset because, again, it's a trust issue that the two accused had violated, had crossed that line," Liew said.

The two accused used a couple of different methods to dupe their victims.

They would arrange to meet their date at a coffee shop or movie theatre and when their date was paying for the tickets or coffees, they would pay close attention to their pin numbers.

In the case of the movie tickets, they would ask their date to refund the tickets so they could observe their pin number a second time.

Up to eight more men in Vancouver were defrauded of another ,000. Chris Liew, with the Edmonton city police's cyber crimes unit, said the demographic was likely targeted because the accused believed they'd be hesitant about reporting what happened to them.

"We understand that this might be a difficult decision for some victims as it is a discreet lifestyle that some victims might have, they do not want their families to know about this.

However, due to the seriousness of the allegations, we are asking the help of the victims to please come forward and speak with us," she said.

Liew described the victims who have already come forward as "very brave." She's encouraging others who've come into contact with these two men or who have had similar experiences to contact Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver police.

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