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Those common features include the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Trigger System, and the Grip Safety.The XDs will have a loaded chamber indicator, and the Fail-Safe disassembly safety.

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The X-Tension magazine extension presents a “full size” magazine feel for greater grip confidence and control, with the benefit of two extra rounds.

I was able to shoot the XDs 4.0 on the range this year.

The feel of the pistol was very similar to the XDs 3.3, but the longer barrel does present a slightly different sight picture.

Springfield Armory introduced the new XDs 4.0 to the Media Range day this year.

The XDs 4.0 is an extended barrel version of the striker fired XDs 9mm released at last year’s SHOT Show.

Still marketed towards the concealed carry audience, the XDs 4.0 has several dimension differences from the XDs 3.3 while still maintaining the sleek and compact features demanded of a concealed carry pistol.

Springfield claims that the longer sight radius will help improve accuracy, and muzzle velocity.

The pistol I used had the standard 7-round capacity with flush fit to the handle.

The weight of the XDs 4.0 was not a factor, with only a two ounce increase. The trigger pull was what I expected, and the trigger was relatively smooth with a distinct break.

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