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Having the appearance of an owner, but really being a tenant is a bad deal for landlords. In each dorm room you will find a college student who calls it “my room” and yet never vacuums the carpet, tears holes in the walls, and leaves it in a worse condition than when he/she first arrived.

Most landlords will tell you that tenants generally do not treat a rental property the same way they would treat something they actually own themselves. Even though that student may say, “come over to dorm room”, the reality is that the student does not own the room.

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For a man to call a woman girlfriend gives the appearance of ownership, but in reality the woman does not belong to the man.

And, much like the dorm room, he will start treating the woman as if he actually does own her only to pack up and leave her in a worse condition than when he found her when he is ready to move on.

The terms ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ allow men and women to masquerade as owners of each other (a privilege reserved only for couples who are married) when they are, at best, renting one another.

For some, the term ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ is a very important and significant benchmark in a dating relationship.

We’ve been hanging out quite a bit lately.” As silly as it may seem, this is actually a fairly significant issue for any dating relationship that makes it past the first DTR.

They enjoy their house and love having their friends over for all sorts of occasions.Unless they told you outright, it would be difficult to discern just by looking that they were renting the house. But no matter how long they have lived there or how much they enjoy it, they are tenants – not owners.Let’s say that this (or any other) dating method actually works so well that you’re able to go on more than one date with the same person. Regardless of opinion, it is important that each relationship have definition. It is currently occupied by five amazing young women.What should you call the person you are in a relationship with? If that definition requires terminology, then it is equally as important that both the man and the woman are on the same page with the connotations and implications of the terminology. Each of them is responsible, hard-working, and dependable.“This is my girlfriend, Suzy.” “Um, this is, uh, the person I’m seeing, Chris.” “Well, this is my . Some of them have been tenants of ours for several years now. For others, though, it’s actually a term that some men and women prefer to avoid. It is difficult to avoid the connotations of the terms ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ and I strongly recommend not using the terms at all. If you’ll indulge an illustration first, here’s my answer: My wife and I own a rental property.

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