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In techie terms it can “brick your phone,” essentially rendering it useless. However, Odin can also come in handy when you’ve accidentally messed up an installation because it will allow you to reverse your mistake.To use this method, you’ll need two things: Again, be extra careful when you navigate the Samsung firmware update process using Odin.Read the directions carefully before touching your phone.

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All operations completed firmware updating succeeded

You should always be careful that the firmware you install is for your model precisely.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage that your device might incur, so proceed at your own risk.

Let’s take a look at how you can use Odin to update your Samsung firmware.

This guide will be about how to flash official firmware for Any Samsung galaxy S4 or any Samsung galaxy device.

By this guide you can upgrade or downgrade the galaxy device to any firmwares by using Odin Requirements : 1- Official firmware for the model number of your device 2- Odin3 3- Samsung Kies or Samsung mobile driver 4- USB cable 5- Charged galaxy device 6- Windows PC Before starting : 1- 2- Download and install Samsung mobile driver (Skip this if you already have Samsung Kies) (Link below) 3- Download a firmware file Sam Mobile or Samsung-updates then unzip it only one time 4- Download Odin3 then unzip it (Link below) 5- Disable the antivirus software 6- Close Samsung Kies and disconnect any device connected to USB ports on your computer Flashing instructions : 1- Run "Odin3" as administrator 2- Click on PDA button and navigate to the *or *md5 file that you extracted (this is for firmware which contains only one file *or *md5) - If the Zip file contains more than one *file then they will be labeled with PDA, Phone and CSC.

Disclaimer: Installing Samsung firmware using Odin is not the official way to do it.This method is used only if you want to unroot or re-install an official firmware in case you’re using a Custom ROM.Odin is Samsung software that leaked onto the internet a few years back.It lets you install firmware and future updates right onto your Galaxy smartphone.Odin is a very powerful tool and should be used very carefully.If Odin falls into the wrong hands or you aren’t careful, it can turn your phone into a very expensive paperweight.

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