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He was definitely smitten with her from the beginning." 5 things to think about when buying an engagement ring Alexis Bledel's round-cut diamond engagement ring The couple confirmed that they were an item in October 2012, when they stepped out to a photography event together in New York City.

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Slade whined that why did she have to go off and leave him all alone to have lunch with Tamra and Gretchen focused on the precision of her curls. She was prepping her home for a showing as she and Don are divorcing and their place is for sale.

Slade blinked and fidgeted and bloused out his t-shirt to camouflage his muffintop and asked if Gretchen considered his feelings when deciding to have lunch with Tamra and Gretchen picked her teeth and barked, "Clean this place up Bitch! Slade cried a little and then ate a pint of ice cream while journaling that he deserves to be loved and appreciated. She tended to the pillows around the house and instructed her son Mike on just how to give the perfect karate chop move to make those pillows say to perspective purchasers "buy our home." I've met her son Mike and he's a very nice guy.

So Tamra and Gretchen met up at a restaurant we've seen on camera before. Yea, they met, they apologized, and Tamra gave Gretchen a bracelet that looked like something you'd late-night drunkenly buy on QVC and when it arrives in the mail, you'd swear you were being pranked. They didn't show it but during that segment Slade was staring blankly in the mirror mouthing the words "I am worthy of love." Next we have Alexis. I'd forgotten that she had a line of cloths called Alexis Couture, she's also on-air talent.

The pair are said to have met in 2012 when Alexis made a guest appearance on Vincent's series, playing his character's love interest.

CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE Private couple Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel married in June While the couple kept their relationship professional and didn't start dating until the series had wrapped, co-stars noted how much chemistry there was between the actors.

"They are such a yin and yang," Elisabeth Moss, who plays Peggy Olson, told ."I've known Vinny for 12 years and Alexis is just the sweetest. It is really cool." Another source added, "Vinnie basically fell in love with Alexis while she filmed a three-episode cameo.The show began with Gretchen primping in her bathroom before meeting with Tamra.She was dressed like a child beauty pageant contestant with more makeup than an entertainment reporter and the hair of a Rupaul Drag Race contestant.As she curled her mane of extensions and laughed at the nonsense she spewed, he-bitch Slade stood in the doorway and acted like an unfulfilled "housewife" whose husband goes off and does whatever he wants free of consequence.Slade had sprinkled roses all over the bathroom floor and Gretchen didn't notice.

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