Alex morgan dating sounder

Carrasco is the Winner She has a boyfriend everyone.That's the news that's racing across the Internet after the women's 2011 World Cup in Germany.The lucky guy is Seattle Sounder and former Cal Berkely soccer player Servando Carrasco.

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"All his teammates were making fun of him." In the end though Carrasco gets the last laugh.

He's the one who's actually going out with the speedy and attractive forward.

I wonder if Sigi will give Servando Carrasco a run on the pitch if Alex Morgan comes up to Seattle to catch one of his games?

" But, she added, "To be honest, I think he feels the same way as I do when it comes to our team.

We have to put our personal lives on hold for our careers right now." And that photo above?

That's when the Sounders were in Los Angeles and saw Morgan's photo outside a Sports Authority.

"That photo is so funny, but I really feel bad for him," Morgan said.

The Sounder team of course gets a dig in about Servando Carrasco's and Alex Morgan while down in Los Angeles, grabbing a team photo in front of a Nike ad for Morgan.

Can't quite make it out but that looks like Carrasco kneeling down in the center in the picture above.

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