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I encourage all Veterans to take pride from their service and I encourage children to take pride in the service of their parents and grandparents.How you feel about your service, how you feel about your parent's or grandparent's service is mostly about what goes on between your two ears.

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It was located in Northeast Arkansas just below the boot heal of Missouri.

When I drove my 1966 Mustang up to its gate for the first time July 14 1972 it was Blytheville Air Force Base and it was my first and only duty station during my four year enlistment in the USAF.

I arrived at its main gate in 1972 and on my final day of duty I departed from the main gate January 30 1976 stopping for my last time at the Security Police Station that set just outside the gate to signed out on terminal leave and turn in my Air Force ID Card.

You can take great pride that you wore the uniform of the greatest military to have every existed in the history of the world.

Be all you can be and represent your service to make yourself Photos relating to the 97th Bombardment Wing, Blytheville Air Force Base and Eaker Air Force Base can be viewed at You Tube - My North American P-51 Mustang Gunfighter Flight over Blytheville You Tube - My North American B-25J Mitchell Bomber "Show Me" flight Mostly remembered today as Eaker Air Force Base, Blytheville Air Force Base was its name for most its operational life but before that it existed during WWII as a US Army Air Force Air Field two engine training base.

During WWII one of the planes used was a TB-25 which was the training version of the B-25 Mitchell Bomber a plane I have flown in, you can see a video of my B-25 flight on You Tube.

Eaker Air Force Base was deactivated and shutdown in 1992.

If you want to remember your service as bad, it will be bad for you but if you want it to be positive be "Grateful" for the opportunity to serve our nation that too can be true because you have complete control to decide if your glass is "half empty or half full".

It isn't about how others see your service it is all about how as individuals WE choose to see our individual experience.

I think we hold our own "key" but that isn't to say that veterans don't struggle, my brain aneurysm taught me about despair and depression so I know about the life and death struggle when our "key" doesn't come easy to us or it breaks or becomes lost and I know some will never find their "key", but for me I know that my US Air Force service opened many closed doors for me and when I stepped through those doors it gave me a richer and fuller life.

As a Vietnam Era Veteran like so many Veterans from that time, I pretended my service never happened for many decades but it did happen and it had a major and I believe a positive impact upon my life and it influenced those around me long after I discharged so I have come full circle and can now take great pride in my service.

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