Accommodating other cultures in business

But in Chile, gifts are accepted and opened immediately.And in Indonesia, small gifts are given on a frequent basis.Always be cognizant of religious laws when selecting gifts.

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Countries like Malaysia and Paraguay, concerned with corruption, frown upon any gift that could be construed as a bribe.

In Malaysia you wouldn’t give a gift until you had established a relationship with the person.

In Singapore, government employees are not allowed to accept gifts, and the United States limits the acceptable dollar value to $25.

However, in some countries like Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, exchanging gifts is strongly rooted in tradition.

Part of the tradition is the gracious style used to present and receive them.

It’s important to plan time and focus on the process.

It’s very important in Asia and the Middle East to only use your right hand, or both hands, to offer or accept a gift. In Singapore a recipient may “graciously refuse three times” before accepting your gift.

Preparing for a business meeting requires a working knowledge of the information to be discussed or presented, careful attention to all details on the printed material to be distributed, and perhaps a gift.

This gift is a social gesture that may be expected in some countries, and could be considered a bribe in others.

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