speed dating locations nyc - 15 things to know about dating french boys

After seven years in Texas, I have almost forgotten what “walking” even means.

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And if you sometimes decide to leave your car in the parking lot and use your feet instead, people even pull over to ask you if you need assistance.

They would never imagine that walking can be a deliberate choice. We seem to love râler and it is almost a way of life. And this is probably my favorite new habit: switching from negative to positive thinking, and believing that anything is possible.

You don’t even realize it until you leave France and cross the Atlantic. And at first, you wonder if you ended up directly in Disney World — it’s the first time that you’ve seen so many happy, shiny people in one place. Back in France, most of the shops request a minimum purchase amount in order to use a debit or credit card, usually around €10.

You get out of your air-conditioned house into your air-conditioned car and then into the air-conditioned mall. In France, not all public places are air conditioned, and when they are, it is usually to maintain temperatures that are comfortable yet warm, not just slightly above freezing.

There seems to be a huge gap between what is considered an acceptable room temperature in France and in the USA.

At my workplace, this results in a constant war over the air-conditioning remote control.If you ever see people dressed in their ski outfits during a Texan summer, you’ll know they’re probably a bunch of French expats heading to the movies.French men and women can spend some casual time together without any precise and complex rules.If you appreciate each other’s company, you can go for a walk, to the movies, to the museum, try tree climbing or wine tasting, whatever.So I need to admit that, for me, the complex American “dating” system is a bit of a drag. For a French girl, “first date,” “second date,” “third date” and so on, just doesn’t make a lot of sense.I guess we need to keep it simple and natural, and just see how it goes from there. In the USA, the air conditioning is on all the time, everywhere.

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